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[Full Pict] Ini Dia Orang-Orang Yang Tembus Pandang Dari Seluruh Dunia

Ilmu ninja identik dengan serangan yang mematikan namun sulit diantisipasi musuh, salah satunya adalah ilmu menyamarkan diri dengan lingkungan sekitar. Namun orang-orang ini tidak perlu menjadi ninja untuk menyamar, bahkan penyamaran mereka sangat sempurna sehingga seakan-akan orang-orang ini tembus pandang. Nah sekarang apakah anda bisa melihat mereka berada?

...Liu Bolin has unveiled his new Ground Zero and Tiles for America art, standing in front of the new Freedom Tower, which replaced the Twin Towers in New York. Liu Bolin has received international acclaim for his technique of cleverly painting himself to blend in with the background. We will have a gallery of his latest work on the Telegraph site later today.

'Tiles for America' by Liu Bolin

'Supermarket' by Liu Bolin

'Invisible' artist Liu Bolin is painted to blend in with a shelf full of panda toys...

'Valentino' by Liu Bolin

'Jean-Paul Gaultier' by Liu Bolin

'Lanvin' by Liu Bolin

'Missoni' by Liu Bolin

'Info Port' by Liu Bolin

Liu Bolin poses in one of the seats at the Teatro all Scalla in Milan

Liu Bolin poses by the Ponte di Rialto in Venice


Liu Bolin standing in front of traditional red phone boxes

Liu Bolin poses by the Birds Nest Olympic stadium in Beijing

Painted to blend in with a pile of logs

Liu Bolin is hidden against a floral display

Liu Bolin performs at Moscow FotoBiennale 2012

Liu Bolin poses in front of a shelf of instant noodles in a supermarket


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